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JB Hi-Fi Case Study
Shopify Plus - the platform of choice for Optimus Prime.

Home to indelible brands like Star Wars, Power Rangers, and Transformers, the Hasbro toy company launched their first direct to consumer site Hasbro Pulse at the 2019 New York Toy Fair.

Playing the Green Ranger to the Red Ranger of We Make Websites, Disco built the back-end systems to support Hasbro's pre-sale and crowdfunding experiences by leveraging our tokenised payment platform Submarine.


When you've got a product as eagerly anticipated as the Mandalorian Black Series (we're Star Wars geeks, we know how it is), offering a pre-sale is a great way to evaluate demand and get the most product possible into the hands of fans.

Doing this in a way that provided a seamless customer experience, the ability to track sales and inventory, and the flexibility to manage shipment dates and grace payment periods required a custom solution.

The custom pre-sale app Disco developed manages this and more, giving the Hasbro team the ability to spin up new presale campaigns in minutes and updating the state of the product landing page instantly.


Seeing the success of their 2018 Jabba's Sail Barge crowdfunding campaign, Hasbro saw an opportunity with their new site to help even more ambitious projects get funded. Wanting to retain control over the purchasing and payment experience, Disco worked with the Hasbro and We Make Websites teams to build a crowdfunding system that could track commitments across multiple channels and maximise the odds of funding success.

Launched on the new Shopify Plus site, the Transformers Unicron campaign raised over $6M, and will represent one of the biggest investments in a collectible toy product in history.

Galactic scale

The nature of the toy and collectible industry means you're often launching new products at events like San Diego Comic Con or the New York Toy Fair. This, in turn, means there's often a worldwide rush of Star Wars, Power Ranger, or X-Men fans to the Hasbro site keen to get in on the action.

By building our pre-sale/crowdfunding and payment tokenisation applications with an eye toward high volume events, we've been able to rapidly scale our capacity to handle events like Comic Con announcements and Black Friday releases.

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