Disco was founded by Gavin in 2013 after he realised the engineering skills he was applying to his own online store were valuable to others.

Since then, we’ve helped dozens of clients improve the way their businesses use Shopify to make money. We’ve worked with small one-person startups and large corporates, released numerous open-source projects, and written courses teaching others how to successfully build sites and applications on Shopify.

Disco now specialises in application development for the Shopify platform and helping high-volume businesses make the transition to Shopify Plus.


Antoine Macia

Antoine Macia Developer

Antoine has studied web development and sales. He loves music and traveling, and is passionate about sociology, anthropology and history.
Gavin Ballard

Gavin Ballard CEO

Gavin studied Software Engineering and Law as a National Scholar at the University of Melbourne. He’s an avid traveller and loves discovering new places, food and people.
Jessica Claesson

Jessica Claesson Office Manager

Jessica studies Service Management at Lund University and loves retail. She's passionate about customer service, travelling and meeting new people.
Pille Peri

Pille Peri Developer

Pille has a master's degree from Lund University. She is a national record holder in freediving, plays the ukulele and makes a mean fish curry.