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Built in close collaboration with Givex and a number of our merchant clients, Disco's Givex Integration supports all of the critical integration points between Shopify Plus and Givex to help merchants give their customers a seamless omnichannel gift card experience.

How it works

The integration is installed into your Shopify store just like any other Shopify application. Once it’s configured with your Givex API credentials, the integration serves as a two-way bridge between Shopify and Givex, handling data calls between the systems whenever a customer requests a balance lookup on their card, purchases a new card, or attempt to redeem an existing card.

It’s good to note that as this integration depends on access to checkout customisation and the Shopify Gift Card API, it’s currently available only to merchants on the Shopify Plus platform.


All core features for a true omni-channel experience are supported.

Balance checking

  • Integration exposes an API endpoint that can be called by Shopify theme code to look up the balance of a Givex gift card using its number and PIN.
  • This API endpoint can be leveraged by theme developers (whether Disco or another party) to build a bespoke balance checker that integrates perfectly with your existing theme.
  • The API endpoint is rate-limited and includes fraud checks to prevent brute forcing of gift card numbers by bad actors.

Gift card purchases

  • Digital and physical gift cards can be purchased online as “regular” Shopify products, at which point Disco’s integration will make a provisioning request directly to Givex for creation and delivery of the gift card.
  • Gift card purchase pages can be customised to optionally collect the recipients name and email address, and a name and message from the purchaser. If a recipient email is provided for digital cards, they are delivered directly to the recipient.
  • A future delivery date can be specified for digital cards, allowing cards to be scheduled to be sent on a particular day (eg a birthday).
  • Gift cards purchased online can be redeemed anywhere supported by Givex (eg online and in-store).

Gift card redemption

  • Customers can enter their Givex gift card number (and PIN if required) during the native Shopify checkout experience, and have their gift card balance applied correctly.
  • Customers can redeem Givex gift cards from any source (online or in-store) in the Shopify checkout.
  • Validation checks are in place pre- and post- checkout to virtually eliminate the risk of double spend issues, and to detect and flag them in the unlikely event they do occur.


Implementation fee

Disco will charge a one-off engagement fee of between USD$5,000 to USD$8,000 for the implementation of the Givex integration.

This covers:

  • Scoping, discovery and planning;
  • Installation, setup and configuration of the integration;
  • Conducting the required Givex certification process in collaboration with the Givex team;
  • Testing and Quality Assurance in staging and production environments.

The key factors influencing the final fee here are the number of Shopify stores involved, and whether the required Shopify theme changes will be implemented by Disco or another party.


Disco charges a small hosting and maintenance fee of USD$99/month per Shopify store on an ongoing basis.

This fee covers the cost of maintaining the integration’s infrastructure (servers, logging, et cetera), as well as the cost of making any system-wide updates mandated by changes in the Shopify or Givex APIs.


In the event that you require any specific customisations to be made to the Givex integration that aren’t supported out of the box, Disco will bill on a time and materials basis for those changes. The scope of any such changes and an estimate for them will be provided in your contract.

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