Case Study

How Disco helped One Inch Round conquer the button business


Scott Hay – CEO of button manufacturer One Inch Round – reached out to us in 2013 after coming across our Bootstrap for Shopify theme framework.

He was looking for someone to help make a few tweaks to his newly minted Shopify theme, but as we started discussing the business and its processes in more detail we starting thinking bigger.

Realising that tighter Shopify integration would make things easier for both One Inch Round’s support staff and their customers, Disco set about coming up with a design for a Shopify application to help the business stay on top of orders while handling all of the processes unique to One Inch Round like artwork uploads, proof approval, and order status tracking.

Less than two months after our initial discussion with Scott, we were shutting down their legacy systems as the business transitioned to the first version of the new application. The benefits were immediately apparent. Staff could now spend less time fighting software and more time on production and support. Customers found it easier to progress their own orders, and could save a call to the office by checking in on their order status from the website.

Since then, Disco has continued to work as a close partner with One Inch Round. We’ve refined and improved the application, always looking for ways to help the business’s staff and customers get things done.

Part of present day web development for small business is minimizing how much “development” you actually have to do… Gavin fully grasps this concept and just rules in this regard. When Disco came on our project everything just started happening and got us back on track.

Scott, One Inch Round