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Applying to Disco

Senior Engineer at Disco Labs
May or may not be an accurate representation of day-to-day engineering work at Disco.

We have a simple interview process that aims to be a fair test of your real-world skills and what it's like to work with you as a person (not an arbitrary test of how much big-O notation you can remember).

We know it's essential that a good fit goes two ways, so you'll be able to get to know the Disco team, ask questions, and develop a genuine understanding of what working here is like.

Our process

1. Application submission

To kick things off, shoot us an email introducing yourself and with a recent CV attached. Ideally, you’ll be able to tell us a little bit about yourself, your relevant experience, and why you’re interested in working at Disco.

We’ll review these applications within 24 hours, do a bit of a sanity check to make sure we’re a good fit on paper, and if all looks good invite you to line up a time for an initial interview.

2. Initial interview

Our initial interviews are “getting to know you” calls - in both directions.

It consists of two 30-minute discussions, one with Victoria (our Director of People and Partnerships) and one with Gavin and Devin (our CEO and Product Manager). These discussion are back-to-back, don’t require any preparation, and are focused on us getting to know one another better.

We’ll generally be asking questions about your previous experience, what motivates you in the workplace, and how we’d work together to deliver high-quality results. At the same time, we hope you’ll have plenty of questions for us around Disco’s operations, strategy, and long-term vision and mission.

After the call, if we both decide we’re a good fit at this stage, you’ll be invited to undertake our technical interview.

3. Technical interview

Our technical interviews aren’t a whiteboarding exercise or a test of what archaic algorithmic knowledge you have in your head. We want to know what it will be like to work with you on real-world things that actually impact clients.

We’re not just assessing the code you write, but also the way you go about it - the effort you go to to understand the problem domain, the background behind the project, your communication with others, and how well you follow Disco’s standard development processes and practices.

The interview is conducted asynchronously through Github (so you’ll be able to ask questions, do research, and work through it at your own pace - just like real life). We anticipate that the process should take no longer than 2-3 hours of your time, assuming familiarity with standard Ruby on Rails development processes. No Shopify knowledge is assumed.

Candidates who complete the technical interview to a high standard will be invited to a final round interview.

4. Final interview

Our final interviews consist of a 90 minute discussion with Dave, our Technical Director, where he’ll dive deep with you on your the technical interview and answer any additional questions you may have about the technical side of Disco.

In order to frame this discussion, we ask candidates to come prepared to walk through their technical interview solution, along with an example of a piece of code that they’ve authored that they’re particularly proud of.

5. Offer

After we’ve had the chance to talk to everyone internally, our hiring panel will contact references and send out offers to successful candidates.


We know that great candidates have lots of options, and we want to respect your time. We aim for our entire application process, from submission to offer, to take no more than two to three weeks.

Here’s what you can expect at each stage:

  • Application submission: We’ll review your application and get back to you within one business day.
  • Initial interview: You’ll be able to book your initial chat immediately after hearing back from us, potentially as soon as the same day. After the call, successful candidates will be invited to undertake the technical interview, which can be undertaken at your own pace within one week from commencement.
  • Technical interview: You’ll receive feedback from us within three business days. Successful candidates will be invited to schedule their final interview at their convenience.
  • Final interview: Pending prompt turnaround time with referee checks, we will be in a position to make an offer within two to three business days of your final interview.

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