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Sales Manager

Sales Manager at Disco Labs

Join a team that values professional development, creative freedom, thoughtful code, and building products that make an impact for merchants.


We build software that powers commerce for hundreds of merchants across the world, including some of the biggest brands on the Shopify platform.

Our company’s growing, and as we have more clients walking through the door, more products under way, and start taking on even more technically ambitious projects we need more hands on deck!

Our ideal candidate has at least three years’ experience working in online retail in a professional context and is based in Australia (the position can be remote for the right candidate). We encourage candidates from all backgrounds to apply - we believe strongly in diversity and in building an inclusive and supportive company.

We want to speak to people directly - no recruiters please!

What you’ll be doing

  • Being the first port of call for all new enquiries and clients and introducing them to Disco Labs;
  • Spreading the word about our world class solutions, apps, and custom projects;
  • Running initial discovery sessions with new clients to understand their business, their customer and their custom software requirements, and suggest the right solution for their business;
  • Leading the scoping, estimating, and scheduling process with the help of the Technical Director and Project Managers;
  • Enhancing Disco’s reputation as a leading Shopify agency through community engagement, developing case studies, finding and engaging new clients, and other activities.

Who you’ll be working with

  • Our CEO & Founder Gavin is a well known face in the Shopify ecosystem so you’ll be working closely with him on marketing, sales, and branding opportunities;
  • Our development team is led by our Technical Director David, a highly experienced Ruby engineer. His role is to support all of the engineers on our team to ensure we’re delivering quality code and levelling up our skills at the same time;
  • Our project managers Kamila and Devin work closely with everyone on the development team to help set priorities and timelines.

Core skills required

  • You’re a communicator, who recognises that our team is based on collaboration and transparency;
  • You aren’t looking for an old school corporate sales role (cause that’s not really our vibe) and like to work with a team of people who care;
  • You have forecasting and budget reporting skills so you can work with our operations team to determine sales targets etc;
  • You enjoy sharing your experience and skills with others, and get satisfaction from helping other team members work through a tricky problem;
  • You’re curious and like to dive deep into what you’re working on and learn new things.

Skills that are “nice to have”

  • You have had some exposure to Shopify or other ecommerce platforms;
  • You’ve worked with development and software products before so understand the lingo;
  • You’ve worked at a SaaS (Software as a Service) company before.

Things we don’t need

  • You don’t necessarily have a degree. You could be about to complete your studies or be completely self-taught - we’re more interested in the work you can and want to produce, not a piece of paper;
  • You don’t need to be colocated in our office. We have openings for both remote and local candidates. If you are applying for a remote role, we would still like you to be based in Australia or New Zealand so we can get together for company events etc.

What we offer

  • We want you to be comfortable, so we will offer you a competitive salary (depending on experience) with leave and benefits.
  • You will have a large degree of creative freedom in how you tackle growing our client roster, but we’ll provide you with all the support you need to learn and grow your skills;
  • We place an emphasis on personal development, with dedicated time scheduled by our production team for self-directed learning and exploration and a personal learning budget to invest in yourself;
  • We have a flexible work policy that’s designed to help people fit work around life, not the other way around. We’re happy to accommodate early/late starts for school pickups, easing a commute, or other ongoing commitments. This extends to working from home and remote work;
  • We operate on a 3-week work cycle designed for calm, focused work. We start with a 4-day “jog week” (every third Wednesday is a day off) followed by two 5-day development weeks.
  • We’ll support your professional development however you need, whether it’s with equipment, courses, books or conferences;
  • Opportunities to work remotely anywhere in the world for extended periods of time;
  • We offer a profit sharing scheme to all employees, as a way for everyone on the team to share our successes;
  • Monthly wellbeing allowance you’re free to spend on new running shoes, yoga classes, mindfulness classes - whatever keeps you happy and healthy;
  • We offer one annual day off per year for employees wanting to do charitable work;
  • We match any annual charitable donations made by employees up to a limit of $250;
  • A twice-yearly offsite retreat to take a step back, reflect and plan for the rest of the year.

Our values

We have four core values that guide our work.

  • We are genuine - We don’t use empty words, or present a facade of what Disco is like as a company, either to team members or to clients. We pride ourselves on transparency. We are human, and recognise that everyone else is too.
  • We are invested - We care about what we’re doing, and seek to only do work that has a genuine impact for our clients and customers. We care about each other, and want everyone to grow, learn and succeed in their role. We put the needs and wellbeing of people above deadlines, profit, or arbitrary company goals.
  • We are experts - We pride ourselves on our deep technical knowledge. If it can be done on Shopify, we can do it. We openly teach what we know to our ecosystem through events, groups, products and open source. We know that there’s always more to learn. We set a high standard internally, and hold ourselves and each other to that standard.
  • We deliver - We don’t make empty promises. If we say we’ll get something done, we’ll get it done — whether it’s a commitment to a client or a commitment to a teammate. We surprise and delight our clients by going the extra mile when we can.

Learn more and apply

We value transparency, so if you’re keen to get more insight into what it’s like working at Disco, our company handbook is public.

If Disco sounds like the right place for you, please send your CV and a cover letter to Your cover lever should address:

  • why you want to work at Disco Labs specifically;
  • what your favourite software product is, and why;
  • recent excellent online retail experience you had, and why it was great.

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